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Copy Code uwu

A huge collection of ancient pornographic ASCII art. Technically NSFW.

A website that wants to make front-end shit again.

A site all about fourier transformations. I had no idea what these were before seeing this. Super interesting site.

A site that lists pretty much every racial slur known to mankind about every race known to mankind along with an informative description about each slurs origins. Online since 1999.

A Nintendo-WII themed imageboard that is hosted on a heavily modded Nintendo WII.

A whole bunch of really unique and interesting interactive web art by a Dutch guy.

A collection of the most bizarre things found for sale on various online auction sites since 1999.

An imageboard that is set in a 3D virtual space.

The remains of the first ever online gaming experience. Being launched in January 1986 and not closing until October 2018, Fed2 was online for thirty years before officially calling it quits. RIP.

Zoom Escaper is a tool to help you escape Zoom meetings and other videoconferencing scenarios. It allows you to self-sabotage your audio stream, making your presence unbearable to others.

A huge archive of.. Stuff? I'm not entirely sure on this one. Site seems to lack a definitive theme, but it's pretty interesting to just click around.

The daily blog of death-row serial killer Joseph Duncan.


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