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tldr: i coded a thing! wanna exchange traffic? just take a look here :3

traffic exchanges where popular till 2010ish. a tool for webmaster to exchange traffic with other webmasters. i dont think many used it, and the ones who used them where in specific niches.. adult content for the majority (i know about this cause i worked in this industry a couple of years ago and my client used a traffic exchange)

in the past i tried multiple times making old scripts work. The most recent that kinda worked was from 2008, coded in PHP5.. it was a mess. I tried to recode it but it was too much work and I really didn’t need all that for my personal site

so I just coded from scratch ^^ and just what i needed
tracking people comin in, going out, link, buttons, nothing more

the idea was to create a fair “reward” system for people that want a button on this site
at the time of writing u can see all of them cause i need more data before filtering, but in a while i’ll show just the top 10 or so with the most traffic coming on this site somewhere where they are always visible, like one of my sidebars ^^ thats cool right? ^^’

btw if u wanna be listed take just a look here

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Hand-coded with love by Lexi uwu