hii!! since i created the hosting system (a week ago lol) i’ve been working on making it as usable and simple as possible sooo.. here we have it, a dashboard to manage ur site!!it’s a bit messy but it works!!

ive been working so hard the past week on HUGE changes first of all, im creating an hosting service i mean, it’s already working lol i’ll start like beta-testing stuff with few people (send me an email if u wanna be a lil rat in my hosting lab <3) current specs for each site are […]

some of u already knows im diying hrt and is a constant stress i ordered 5 months worth of bica cause last time i ordered a small amount to test it and IT GOT STUCK AT CUSTOMS i really don’t feel well without any blockers, i feel gross and i feel like staying in bed […]

if “free speech” means hating on minorities to u get tf out of herei didnt check one of the sites being listed on the button wall and jesus christ i wont say which one cause is already being removed but yea, fuck you

not feeling so good rn, i feel lost, and i never felt like this before my dad haven’t talked to me ever since coming out a few days ago.. idk what to do, i think i’ll leave this house soon but idk, it’s not an easy thing to do maybe is for the best, maybe […]

jesus fk christ i never cried this much i finally came out to my mom and she is super supportive :’) i explained all the universe to her, we cried so fucking much, i still recovering from that as i write this so im sorry for any mistakes in the grammar i told her that […]

so.. the graphics page was way too slow, and loading 5000 images all at once is not really possible ^^’ i recoded the categories selection and now works great! and i added 2000+ graphics :3 check em out ^^

tldr: i coded a thing! wanna exchange traffic? just take a look here :3 traffic exchanges where popular till 2010ish. a tool for webmaster to exchange traffic with other webmasters. i dont think many used it, and the ones who used them where in specific niches.. adult content for the majority (i know about this […]

the library is now a thing ^^ i added just two books for now but i really like how out it turned out in general (but it will change, i wanna add a better door for example, maybe better shelves, add categories, etc)! i will probably put just magic related books in there cause they […]

I made an archive page!! It’s just a list of old sites I coded (only the ones i had a backup tho :/), you can see them here

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