• Name: Lexi
  • Age: 23
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Hobbies: Web Design & Develop, Witchcraft, Eating pizza
me@lexiqqq.com neocities profile

Hiiiii I'm Lexi! Trans (6 months HRT) cute italian bunny girl uwu
I'm generally very reserved and quiet but I can be a lil tornado when I open up with people :3

I'm interested in many topics cause I get obssessed with something for like 3 months then stop being obssessed with it and the cycle repeats ihih i'm crazy it think

I currently work as a web developer. The websites I make professionally dont look like this one tho, they are just mid websites.
At work I use wordpress mainly, but I'm trying to push to switch to NextJS. I already did like 5/6 sites in NextJS and a couple in angular.
I also manage the server where we host like 80/90 sites and I maintain all of them

What i currently like:

  • spirituality, reading and writing about it
  • personal finance, not as much as before (i was in the obssessed phase, now it's healty)
  • coding obv

<-- look how cute these are

(....this is WIP :3)

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Hand-coded with love by Lexi uwu